BEP20 BSC Token Has a max supply (500M)

The Zomfi token is the core utility and reward token for the Zomfi project wherein users get rewarded with the token by playing various games and can access features within the Zomfi ecosystem.

ZOMFI Token Features and Elements

  • Users will eventually be able to participate in in-game governance, contributing in proposing, adding, amending or removing features, while being rewarded to do so;

  • Gaining access to the game ecosystem, its features and functionalities, including exclusive events and tournaments;

  • Giving the ability to stake (or lock) for stability the tokens and being rewarded for this action;

  • Use the token to as a in-game currency for exclusive $Zomfi NFTs. Players, for example, can purchase NFT Weapons and Armors in-game, also from other players. Ability to setup/purchase Clans (guilds) in-game

  • Token can be used to purchase the internal only (not listable on outside secondary markets) reward tokens called ZEDS.

BSC Compatibility

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